Contractor Commissions and Incentives, Fast & Simple

Received a Payment Notification?

I'm an Agent/Contractor

Interchecks offers Independent Sales Agents and Contractors an immediate payment solution that works with their existing bank account. If you are currently receiving paper checks from one of our Member Payers you can enroll today to start receiving your payments faster. All you need is a valid email address.

I'm a Payer

Interchecks goal is to reduce the cost of mailing and managing recurring and non-recurring paper checks for commissions, incentives, and contracted-employee payments. By reducing the number of paper checks mailed and managing the entire 1099 filing and distribution process, Interchecks can save you both time and money.

Tell me How it Works

Interchecks allows Payers to simply upload a payment file or use our API to manage and issue payments to their Agents and Contractors in the form of an eCheck or a Direct Deposit to their bank account. Recipients can use their online Portal to accept payments, view history, and retrieve their yearend 1099-MISC.

Hassle Free Filing and Distribution of 1099-MISCs

Interchecks completely automates the creation and issuance of year end 1099-MISC filings for your Agents or Contractors. We make each 1099 tax document available to your Agents or Contractors in a secure online portal where they can retrieve and print a copy for their records and include in their individual tax filings. Interchecks also electronically files each Agent or Contractor's 1099-MISC with the IRS on behalf of the issuing company.

Same Day Electronic Payments

Interchecks has created a simplified electronic payment process, where Agents and Contractors benefit by receiving fast, easy and secure payments. The reconciliation process has been streamlined and all 1099-MISC tax reporting has been completely automated.

Product Marketing Companies, Contracted Employer Groups, Independent Sales Organizations, and others now have the ability to pay their Agents or Contractors quickly and electronically while maintaining complete control over the process. No more mailing paper checks or the need to request, track and store personal financial information.

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Agent and Contractor Solutions


Interchecks offers Agents and Contractors an immediate payment solution that works with their existing bank account. No more waiting for paper checks to arrive, be deposited and clear into your account

To receive an Interchecks payment from one of our Member Payers, Agents or Contractors just need an email address and a checking or savings account with any U.S. Bank. Once you have signed up for Interchecks, all of your subsequent payments that you receive from any of our Member Payers will be automatically delivered to your personal secure payment portal and you will be notified via email that they are ready for you to accept online.


  • Electronic Payment and Remittance Advice delivered together
  • Online Agent portal displays current and historical payments
  • Significant reduction in administrative expenses
  • 1099s available online
  • Sign-up for direct deposit and have Funds electronically deposited into your existing bank account
  • Find out more about the Benefits of eChecks


Have the following available:
  • Your Agent Indentifier
  • Your Interchecks Agent Access Code
  • A valid Email address
  • Visit our Get Started page

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Payer Solutions


Managing a paper payment process is time consuming and costly for both the Payers and the Recipients. Our goal is to take the time and cost out of the payment process by reducing or eliminating the number of paper checks mailed to Agents or Contractors, lowering administrative costs and delivering a streamlined solution for our clients.


  • Significant reduction in printed checks
  • Simple fees with no surprises
  • No postage required
  • Reduced administrative expenses
  • Paperless 1099s
  • No changes required to a Payers process or systems


  • Paperless 1099s are electronically delivered to the Agent or Contractor's secure Interchecks Portal
  • All payments are clearly identified with the Payer's name
  • Payer Portal gives total visability into the payment lifecycle
  • Turn-Key ePayment solution for Payers requiring no IT integration